Which is the best showerhead for soft water?

Jan 12, 2023

Are there special showerheads for soft water? Well, yes, there are.

Of course, if you have a water softener in your home, then you have the huge advantage of enjoying softened water coming out of all your taps – for cleaning, washing, cooking and drinking. You benefit from all the superb lifestyle advantages that soft water provides.

In contrast, if you buy a showerhead that is designed to deliver soft water, this will only provide softened water to that particular outlet. What you are bound to discover from installing a single soft water showerhead, however, is just how great soft water feels after washing. We wouldn’t be a bit surprised that you then decide your best bet is to buy a water softener, so the whole household can reap the rewards.

What does a water softening showerhead do?

Let’s assume you live in a hard water area (and around half the UK population does). Fitting a showerhead that is specifically designed to spray soft water, does so by removing the minerals that create hard water in the first place. As if by magic, your shower water is suddenly soft.

How does the showerhead turn the water soft?

The showerhead contains lots of small beads. They are there for a good reason. These beads are actually negatively charged ions, which counteract the positively charged hard water minerals (predominantly calcium and magnesium).

What benefits does a soft water showerhead provide?

First and foremost, you get to experience water that won’t dry out your skin and hair. Instead, it will leave them looking and feeling lovely and soft. See how effortless it is to glide your hand over your skin after you’ve washed in soft water. That’s how nature intended your skin to be! Whereas with hard water, you lose that smooth, silky appearance. Likewise, hair will retain a lustrous, shiny appearance when you wash it regularly in soft water. 

What’s more, your showerhead should perform well for longer. This is because it’s protected from the scaling that occurs wherever hard water is in circulation. The outlets in the showerhead don’t become clogged, thereby delivering consistently optimum-pressured water.  

What’s the importance of buying a good showerhead?

The best showerheads are designed to give you an improved showering experience whilst, at the same time, saving you money. The idea is that they use less water but deliver higher pressure with an even spread of water.  You should also benefit from additional features, e.g., adjustable spray settings.

What’s the advantage of an eco-showerhead?

Primarily, eco-shower heads are designed to use less water without any reduction in water pressure. The key to the operation is that the showerhead controls the flow and spray pattern of the water. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, and the sophistication of the design will determine the level of water consumption. However, if you already have a large and fixed shower head, it can sometime be difficult to replace with an eco-friendly alternative.

Which showerhead should I select if I want soft water?

There are many options you can choose from on the market. We can supply a range of showerhead devices that will provide you with what you require, covering a range of budgets. 

Having a soft water showerhead can be a great way to “test the water” before installing a water softener. When you reach that point, an affordable MolliVita once-in-a-lifetime softener is the most economic way to enjoy soft water throughout your entire property – whatever its size. 

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