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Pay once for your water softener and enjoy soft water on tap for life

Purchase any water softener from the MolliVita range and, if the softener breaks down and can’t be fixed, we’ll automatically replace it with a brand new one.


In year 1

Pay outright for one MolliVita Water Softener or, alternatively, in 3 instalments spread over 12 months


In year 2 & onwards

Set up a monthly payment of just £9.99 – This covers the cost of any repairs or a replacement MolliVita water softener – at any time

From just


You’ll never need buy a water softener again!

That’s why MolliVita is miles better for quality, reliability and price than any comparable product on the market today.

Save all the way with a MolliVita water softener

Keeping energy costs down

Protecting washing machines, dishwashers and kettles

Heating your home for less


Preserving central heating systems

Versatile. Dependable. Unbeatable

Outstanding range of Molli models

Ideal for any size or age of home

Compact, easy to install

24/7 soft water perfection for washing, cleaning and cooking

Everyone deserves the chance to experience beautifully softened water in the home – with MolliVita, now you can!