MolliVita XL

The MolliVita XL is ideal for larger homes with up to 8 bedrooms. Taking care of all your soft water needs, year in, year out.

  • Modern, minimalist design
  • Suitable for homes with between 4 and 8 bedrooms
  • Provides superbly softened water 24/7 – on demand
  • Includes one year’s labour and warranty
  • Options to spread costs on salt and filters

Features – MolliVita XL

  • Low salt and service alarms
  • Anti-flood warning
  • Anti-salt bridging
  • Vacation mode to avoid unnecessary regeneration
  • Dry brine tank
  • Anti-salt bridging
  • Optional WiFi connectivity/soft touch digital controls
  • Regenerates automatically
  • Exceptional flow rates unaffected during regeneration

Specifications – MolliVita XL

  • Nominal water flow – 1.5 (mh3/h)
  • Amount of water softened between regenerations – 7.4m₂
  • Average water consumption for regeneration – <150l
  • Average salt consumption for regeneration – < 3.8kg
  • Inlet/Outlet connection – ¾in
  • Resin tank size – 10in x 35in
  • Resin volume – 25l
  • Softener dimensions – 1045mm x 315mm x 450mm
  • Operating temperature 5 – 38 °C
  • Operating pressure 1,5 – 6 bar
  • Max. power consumption 18 W


When you receive your MolliVita Water Softener, it will include an installation kit with all the plumbing equipment you’ll need to fit the product.

Please let us know whether you will require a 15mm or 22mm kit.

To order and book your water softener installation contact MolliVita Water Softeners on 01243 252360 or email

And lastly, you can sign up for the £9.99 monthly MolliVita lifetime warranty here.