Switching To Soft Water Could Save Your Household Over £1000 A Year

Nov 21, 2022

It’s a sobering thought, but there are more than 13 million households in the UK that could save at least £1000 a year by having soft water in the home, according to new research.  

Large parts of Britain are affected by hard water – which explains why roughly half the homes across the country are subjected to it. Are you one of them?

Everyone’s focussing on the price of gas and electricity and by how much fuel their bills are likely to climb this winter. But what is less well publicised is that switching away from hard water is highly beneficial when it comes to reducing your outgoings. 

Why is water hard?

The reason why so much of the UK’s water supply suffers from hardness has   nothing to do with the type of rain we get. Rainwater is naturally soft. The problem is what happens when it permeates the soil in the ground. 

Much of the soil across the UK is of limestone and chalk derivative, which contains lots of calcium and magnesium minerals. When rainwater seeps into the soil, these minerals have the effect of turning the water hard from soft. 

Water companies treat water so that it is safe to drink, but they don’t do anything to reduce how hard it is.   

But the hard water which is created, happens to be the primary cause of limescale – which is impossible to get rid of – no matter how much you clean. Worse still, scale is also the big enemy of central heating systems, dishwashers, washing machines, kettles and irons. 

A water softener could save you up to £1100 a year – here’s why…

New research has shown that by switching to soft water – thereby protecting boilers, everyday household appliances and using fewer cleaning products and toiletries – it could save you up to £1100 per year. 

All the time hard water is circulating around your system, appliances become more and more clogged up with scale. This means that they don’t work as efficiently as they should. In the case of your boiler, this has to work progressively harder to keep generating the appropriate amount of heat and hot water around the home.  Within the space of just six months, an A grade boiler will become seriously downgraded. Indeed, its overall lifespan could be cut in half, all the time limescale is on the scene. 

Meanwhile, dishwashers, washing machines, kettle and irons get furred up with the scale – you’ve probably seen it coating the bottom of the kettle and element. It looks horrible and is horrible!

If you live in a hard water area, have you noticed how difficult it is to get a nice lather out of shampoos, gels and soaps? That’s because hard water simply washes the living daylights out of everything – and then repays you by making your hair and skin look lifeless and void of shine and sheen. Fabric conditioners and detergents struggle to work their magic, meaning you have to use more of everything to achieve the required result.    

With soft water on the go, limescale ceases to exist.

Independent research, which we would agree with, has revealed that by having a water softener, savings on anything from shampoos and fabric conditioners to detergents and scale removers could be almost £800 annually for a family of four – either because you use less products or you don’t need to buy them in the first place!    

The findings report that households will also save just under £116.00 on gas and electricity bills, simply by having appliances that work without being subjected to limescale induced duress. 

And the research suggests that homeowners will save about £182.00 a year on repairs and maintenance. 

Please note, these figures don’t include what it would cost to have a replacement boiler installed – that would run into many thousands of pounds. 

How much of the UK has hard water?

Approximately 60 percent of the UK has either hard or very hard water. This equates to around 13 million households out of the total stock.  It’s not confined to one area of the country either. Look North, South, East or West and hard water crops up all over the place in varying degrees. 

What is classed as hard water?

The measurement of hard water is based on a parts per million (ppm) calculation, describing the amount of concentration of mineral deposits in the water supply. Any reading of over 200 ppm is considered hard, whilst 300 ppm and above is said to be very hard or even aggressively hard – ‘wear a tin hat every time you take a shower’ hard! 

How hard will my water be with a water softener?

Any reading below 100ppm is considered to be soft. However, a water softener should bring the hardness level down to virtually zero.

Where are the worst hard water areas in the UK? 

East – 315ppm 

South-East – 295ppm 

North-East – 292ppm 

London – 291ppm 

This only represents the worst affected areas. There are plenty of other parts of the UK which have readings of well over 200 ppm. 

How much money could I save by having a water softener?

East – £1085.36

South-East – £1077.39

North-East – £1076.37

London – £1075.98 

Again, households in other regions where there is hard water will also benefit financially from having softened water. 

Is my home suitable for a water softener? 

At MolliVita, we pride ourselves on selling the most affordable, high quality water softeners in the UK today. 

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After your initial investment, your soft water system will provide you with long-term savings, since hard water won’t ever again be a drain on your finances.   

Who will fit my water softener?

The beauty of MolliVita water softeners is that they are easy to install, even if you only have basic DIY skills. This means you can buy online and we will despatch the softener to your door within 48 hours.

But don’t worry, if you require an installer, wherever you are in the UK, we have qualified engineers nationwide, who can carry out the installation on your behalf. Just let us know if you need this service.

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