Is my water hard or soft?

Jan 28, 2023

Believe it or not, the determination of whether your water is hard or soft is really down to where you live in the UK.

Some people think that it’s got something to do with rainwater itself, but this is not the case. When rain falls from the sky – anywhere – in its natural state, it is always soft.

What actually affects the degree of hardness when it reaches your mains supply and flows through your taps and showerheads, is all down to what’s going on underground.

In areas of the UK which sit on predominantly porous rock, like chalk, limestone and gypsum, water can seep deep into the underlay. These soil types contain an abundance of calcium and magnesium minerals, which cause the water to turn from soft to hard when they each come into contact. Meanwhile, the water companies treat the water so that it’s safe to consume but what they don’t do, is tamper with the relative hardness or softness. As previously said, that’s all taken care of by the rocks and sediment beneath our feet.

Thus, water that is said to have a high mineral concentration, is hard water.

If you don’t want persistently hard water in your home, there really is only one lasting solution – have a water softener installed.

Which parts of the country have the hardest water?

The geology and geography of where you live will dictate how hard or soft your water is.

Generally speaking, if you live in the south, especially London and the south-east of England where the soil and rock types are mineral-rich, you’ll experience the hardest water.

The further north and west you go, where the rock type tends to be more of granite, the water is softer. This is because the rainwater isn’t able to permeate the rock, so it retains more of its natural state. That’s why there’s loads of hard water in Guildford but not a lot in the Grampians of Scotland.

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