Is Water Naturally Hard Or Soft?

Nov 8, 2022

Just by looking at water, it’s impossible to tell whether it is either hard or soft. Other than it should be virtually clear when it is flowing from your taps, that’s really all you can say on first sight.

As rainwater, however, water is naturally soft. The problem is it doesn’t necessarily stay that way. 

To determine the hardness or softness of the water when it comes into your home will depend on its mineral content. And the mineral content is determined by what lies in the soil, which can vary considerably according to where you live. 

In areas where the soil contains a lot of chalk or limestone, this is where you are likely to find the hardest water.   

What makes water hard?

Soil comprised of chalk and limestone is full of calcium and magnesium minerals. It is these components which have the effect of creating hard water.   

Some of the country’s most prolific hard water areas are in the south-east of England so, for instance, if you live in counties such as Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and Surrey, as well as London, it is highly likely that your mains water supply will be extremely hard. 

This is why water softeners, like MolliVita, are used on such a widespread scale. 

If you currently don’t have a water softener fitted in your home and would like to experience the many benefits that softened water provides, you can order your MolliVita Water Softener online. Alternatively, call us on 01243 252360 or email

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