How Much Is A Water Softener?

Nov 8, 2022

When it comes to buying water softeners, as with many things, you get what you pay for.  

It really depends upon your requirements and, of course, what you are prepared to spend. 

All water softeners do the same thing – at least they should do – which is to provide softened water. This happens through a process known as ion exchange which, basically, turns hard water soft. The quality, reliability and functionality of the product, will generally determine how much your water softener will cost.  

The cheapest of softeners, which you can buy online, start at around £300, whereas the most expensive brands could set you back two or three thousand pounds.   

What are my water softener requirements? 

By this, we mean how large is your property, how many people are living there and how many bedrooms do you have. Your water demand should provide the most accurate indicator of what type of water softener would be most suitable for your requirements. 

What happens if my water softener needs servicing? 

To some degree, you pay your money and take your choice. However, nobody wants to splash out a ton of money for a water softener, only to find that it keeps breaking down and you find yourself spending huge amounts of money paying for engineers to get it fixed. 

Cutting your coat according to your cloth is one thing. But being overly economic with what you pay at the outset, could come home to bite you.   

How much do MolliVita water softeners cost to buy?

The philosophy behind MolliVita is to provide consumers with a range of high-quality water softeners that are affordable. The starting price for the base model MolliVita water softener – the MolliDuo – is £1195.  This softener is designed for small starter homes or apartments with a couple of bedrooms. 

No matter what your size of property, however, there are products in the MolliVita range to meet your needs. What they all have in common is that they can be easily replaced – at no expense to the customer. 

This is what sets MolliVita apart from the rest. 

Once you have bought your MolliVita water softener, should it ever go wrong and be beyond repair, we will replace it – free of charge. And we’ll carry on doing so, for as long as you want soft water in your property. 

How much do MolliVita water softeners cost to run?

Whilst you will pay a few hundred pounds more for the largest MolliVita water softeners, each of these products are virtually identical as far as on-going costs are concerned. The only cost consideration is salt to keep the softener running and for regeneration. The greater your demand, the more salt you will use. 

Apart from that, all MolliVitas come with a one-year parts and replacement warranty. Thereafter, customers pay £9.99 per month to cover the costs of servicing and repairs

Keeping up this payment is important. Not only does it provide peace of mind that there will always be someone on hand should the water softener break down but, should it be beyond repair, then we will automatically replace it with a brand-new softener. 

It’s the only way to get a guaranteed water softener for life! This is what sets MolliVita apart from all other softeners.  

Who will install my MolliVita water softener?

There are two ways of going about this. Firstly, if you are modestly capable in terms of DIY, you simply buy your preferred MolliVita model online through this website and install it yourself. The product has been designed in such a way that makes it very straightforward to fit. 

In the event that you require a professional installer to do the job for you, we will arrange this. 

How much does water softener salt cost?

The amount of salt you will need will depend on the hardness of water in your area and the volume of water you use. As a reasonable guide, on average, you will probably need to allow about £2 per month per person for salt. 

This would seem a small price to pay, set against the advantages of having soft water in your home.

What are the associated cost benefits of having a water softener?

If you would like further reassurance about whether buying a water softener is a wise investment, having a home with softened water will always save you money over the long term. Why? Because it will protect your household appliances from the scourge of limescale, meaning that they perform more reliably and will last longer. Not only that, they will also be much more energy efficient. Did you know, for instance, that a central heating boiler that is continuously fighting against hard water- created limescale will downgrade from new within months. And they cost a small fortune to replace! 

A water softener will also help you cut down on cleaning products, since detergents go a lot further with soft water circulating through the taps. 

When it comes to weighing up the cost of having a water softener, we hope this information will prove useful. We’re confident that within the MolliVita water softener range, there is exactly the right product for the needs of you and your family members. Remember, we won’t be beaten on price!

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